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Welcome to bauction


Bauction is a decentralized, distributed, peer-to-peer auction platform.

Bauction uses Internet Computer Protocol as platform to host and store auction data over blockchain. Bauction is one of the first platform to provide fully decentralized platform for auctioning rare items over the decentralized web.


yarn add @bauction/sdk-js


npm install @bauction/sdk-js

Basic Usage

import Bauction from "@bauction/sdk-js";
const bauctionInstance = new Bauction();
//use async function for this:
await bauctionInstance.initIdentity("path-to-secret-key");

bauctionInstance.getAllAuctions(); //to fetch all auctions from bauction canister.


import Bauction from "@bauction/sdk-js";
const bauctionIns = new Bauction();

const initializeBauction = async () => {
  await bauctionIns.initIdentity("/root/user/my_secret_key.cer");


bauctionIns.getMyAuctions(); //returns all auctions created by identity bauction is initialized with.